Negative Reinforcement (Jared Kushner)

Note: I originally wrote a rendition of this on 10/28/2020.  I am editing this on 12/30/2020 a bit (not much is different, really). It is important to remember why it is scientifically important (in terms of the subsequent effects on human behavior) to hold people accountable. So I wanted to essentially “re-up” this post I made before the election. 


Jared Kushner didn’t talk openly to Bob Woodward because he thought those recordings would never see the light of day.

It’s not even because he doesn’t care if they get out, necessarily.

He doesn’t care if they get caught. He knows if they get caught, he has been SO REMOVED from consequences his entire life— WHY WOULDN’T HE TALK TO BOB WOODWARD?

Imagine if you spent your ENTIRE LIFE with a secret. This secret is so good, and it kept giving you SO MANY GOOD THINGS. But you can’t tell ANYONE this secret. But, you were sure as heck can get a *legendary journalist* on the phone and talk AROUND the secret.

That is Jared Kushner. That is the entire Trump family, and that is the power of negative reinforcement. And THAT is what will CONTINUE TO HAPPEN if Every. Single. Person., big and small, are not brought to justice within this administration. No matter what.



Say Hi! *Please know I do not reinforce maladaptive behavior, though. 😉

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