Jeffrey Toobin and Gaslighting

As I am sure you are aware, Jeffrey Toobin (a legal analyst on CNN) was caught pleasuring himself during his workday on camera. A man that regularly speaks on camera, as his job, in front of millions of people every day. And, as can be expected these days (I guess?), men (AND PLENTY OF WOMEN) have been swift to defend him.

Earlier this week, he posted a “touching” (sorry) post on Twitter about someone he cared about that passed. While I certainly sympathize with his loss, it seemed a little opportunist. I mean, who is going to bring up the fact that children could’ve seen his dick on a post about his deceased peer?

Well, I did. Because I am really, really tired of men getting away with this shit. And I am not alone, like many other women, in general, and on the Twitterverse, have also been horrified to discover those ( white ) men are not as woke as their hashtags would want you to believe they are.

Well, some people had an issue with this. And, to make a long story short… it devolved into a scenario in which there were at least two people that INSISTED he did enough by acknowledging what he did and apologizing, etc.

Y’all, I can’t stress this enough… this never happened.

Please, google it. Unless I missed it, he has never publicly said anything about it. Katie Hill lost her job by gracefully stepping down to protect the sanctity of the position she held for a private matter, but this man can’t even ACKNOWLEDGE what he did? Come on now.

But, this person continually and persistently INSISTED that this happened. I asked for links, genuinely wanting to know if I was wrong. I googled. She sent me a bunch of links (probably like 8-10?) that I think was just various google searches (most started with “….”. I clicked on one, and it said it was unsafe, so I asked for a screenshot that said he acknowledged it and apologized. Eventually, the woman (again, someone from the LEFT, presumably a Biden supporter) blocked me and called me an idiot???? WHY?

We have to do better on all levels. We need to expect men that show their genitals to, at the very least, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, and ideally apologize. That really isn’t much to ask. Really.

We need to be honest with ourselves when engaging on social media and admit when we may just be engaging in bluster. It’s okay to be wrong on social media. If someone sends me a link right now proving me wrong, I will thank you. We need to normalize being wrong and start admitting it.

And we need there to be long term consequences for people in positions of power that DEFINITELY have that power. Still, it’s not as glaringly obvious as others in society (politicians, etc.). These are the pundits, podcasters, etc., out there. These are the Maggie Habermans at the NYTimes, the staffers that have stood in the same room as Obama but are just spending their days making podcasts right now instead of using their voices to bring awareness to the atrocities at the border and rising fascism in America. These are the #resisters on Twitter with 300k followers retweeting Lincoln Project videos without considering WHO those actually meant for and if its nature would turn off their follower demographic.

We are all connected, and we need to stop willfully ignoring that and demand better of one another. ♥️