Lame Duck

The Republican strategy during this lame-duck session, to “toe the line,” so to speak, will be this:

They will say that they, too, want all the “legal” votes to be counted. And that’s why Trump is interested in some polling locations and not other sites, you see? It makes perfect sense.

This will allow them to, again, “toe the line” while Trump works to release propaganda, sue the shit out of every area of the country that he doesn’t like, and incite violence for the next two months.

During an out of control pandemic and economic crisis- we are sick and dying and in pain.

But it’s perfect. Because these right Republicans (Germans) can SAY that they are pro-democracy while appeasing Trump. They’re okay with all the votes being counted. Just not in THAT instance.

Are you listening, Team Joe? You need to work on your messaging. And stop following the pseudoscience that is traditional polling.

“This is not based on gut or feel…” and then… “we feel…” ???? 😂 (Bill Stepien quote, during a campaign call today, 11.4.2020)