Positive Thinking

The naivety of the left-right now is absolutely astounding.

Did you forget how Trump has successfully stacked the courts?

Did you forget how fascism works? They don’t need to win lawsuits; they need to file them and then manipulate the court system to “win” them. Hitler came to power “legally.”

(Hitler came to power legally. Hitler came to power legally. Hitler came to power legally.)

Did y’all forget that they committed literal genocide? Trump and his entire family? All of the GOP? He’s on tape, saying he knows how deadly it is. In February. FEBRUARY.

Ivanka and Jared aren’t safe, either.

Stop gaslighting yourselves and each other.

I’m not saying Biden is doomed. Not at all.

I am just saying that the naivety on the left is astounding and frankly dangerous at this point. I hope I’m wrong.

This shit is just beginning.



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