C-PTSD Foundation

I’ve been accepted as a writer for CPTSD Foundation, and I am very excited.

If you’ve followed me for a bit, you’ve probably seen a couple of my posts regarding Complex PTSD (CPTSD). I have also written about it on here. I won’t get into the specific differences here too much, but below is a simple graphic for quick reference. (I know most think about the common symptoms that veterans, prisoners of war, etc. have when someone references PTSD—which are, of course, just as valid and important):

C-PTSD is caused by long-term, repeated trauma.

So, in reference to the caption above—

I think it is important to talk about C-PTSD more, because we will NEED to talk about it more soon. We don’t/won’t have a choice.

Right now, we are in a coronavirus crisis. But that is a crisis that will slowly (very slowly, apparently) come to an end.

But, regardless, we will soon have a Complex Trauma, Complex PTSD, mental health crisis. A psychological crisis. A grief and mourning crisis.

So, once again, I think it is important that we place science front and center, and reject any amount of gaslighting that takes away 1) real pain from real people and/or 2) objectively true, scientifically backed physiological responses (particularly with healthcare workers.)